Santa’s Girl (Christmas Gift)

100% Christmas cuteness just for you! As my own little way of expressing my utmost gratitude to you, this bundle comes for FREE if you have purchased ONE of ANY of my wallpaper packs this year or even from last year or even if you're still about to purchase. This is my Christmas present to all of you who have supported me in this hobby of mine. I can’t thank you enough. I was supposed to send you individual emails as a surprise but I’m not quite sure if your PayPal email is your main or alternate. I don’t care if I need to manually send this to you one by one. I want this collection to reach you. Now, if you don't email or DM me, it shall be presumed as a waiver. I appreciate your love & support. It is truly overwhelming. Please email me or DM me your Proof of Purchase for me to be able to send you the link for this (I only need one(1) proof. You don’t need to send me all receipts. LOL!). This set is exclusively for you. This is neither for sale nor to be shared.

Merry Christmas to all & wishing you a blessed New Year! Lots of love! ❤️



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