Fiona (Wallpapers)

I found these online. So I opted to make wallpapers out of these cute stuff. A friend once asked me, "Why do you always make brown-colored wallpapers?". So here I am NOT making BROWN wallies for a change. Haha! More walls in the dropbox folder. I wasn't able to include them in the collage. Download link below. Kindly read my "About Me" Section for disclaimers.

Minnie's Album (Wallpapers)

Something for the Minnie Lovers out there. I credit the creator of this digital art. I edited this and that, and came out with these wallpapers. Download link below. Cute! ❤️

XO Love (Wallpapers)

Used the colors that I love. ❤️

Ice Cream (Wallpapers)

The colors remind me of Ice Cream! And I looooove it! Like I really really love it! ❤️

Star Frenzy (Wallpapers)

Made these walls. Wanted stars for a change and I soooo love the result! ❤️ Download link below.

Dots Love (Wallpapers)

I made this before and I just left it on my camera roll for future use. I finally needed it so here it is. To share.

Dreamcatcher (Wallpapers)

Inspired from the K-Series: The Heirs. Oooh I love Kim Tan! :) Found this on Pinterest and I just edited it a bit. 

Scrappy Cute (Wallpapers)

Designing is really fun if you love what you're doing. Esp. if you wanna kill the time. And yes, these walls definitely are worth my time and effort. :)

Fiesta (Wallpapers)

Well.. I felt the need to make something colorful and happy. Hope you like them.

HK Clubmaster (Wallpapers)

I originally thought about making just a pair of walls but I had fun designing so I made a few. Sharing them to you. I needed something with pastel colors. My phone can't go without one.

Wild Brown (Wallpapers)

Made these out of the blue and I lurve the result. Some things do surprise you. :)

Quaint (Wallpapers)

Found it online and thought about resizing it. I recolored it a bit, just a bit, and added a dock for my homescreen. I love vintage. Hope you like it too! :)

Minimalia (Wallpapers)

Made these walls a while back. I love the hearts. 

Forever Friends Paper (Wallpapers)

I have always been a fan of stationeries. I've collected a lot when I was a kid. And because of time constraints, I kinda forgot about it. I still love stationeries though. Made two walls, for me to keep the old memories alive.

Golden Wood (Wallpapers)

Made these walls to match the free icons by Mommy Lhey which you can download here. I like how the result turned out. Hope you like them too. :))

HK Crystal (Wallpapers)

Made a few walls yesterday and I had fun doing them. Some of them looks good on my iPad too. I love ! My favorite by far. ❤️ Download link below the photos. :)

LV Summer (Wallpapers)

I just wanted to color up my phone so I thought of making these. Cute!

My Girl (Wallpapers)

I suddenly felt all girly girly. Shucks! Haha! Made a few of them. Choose your pick or grab them all. You can view them by clicking on the download link below. Make sure you match them with your fave icons. :) Here are a few screenies that I took from my phone.

Gold De Luxe (Wallpapers)

Something that glitters. Something gold. Here's a pack of them.

HAUTE (Wallpapers)

Edited them for a more fashionable look.

LVKITTY GOLD (Wallpapers)

I would admit that I am not a Hello Kitty fan. But there was this intuitive nudge earlier. I felt I needed to make one. And boy, these walls.. Gives Hello Kitty a sprinkle of glitz and glam. Made it just the way I like it. (Original image found online) Glad I followed my instincts.☺️ I call it LVKITTY GOLD. :))

De Paris (Wallpapers)

Paris.  Need I say more? I love these walls! Vintage Pink! 

HueMore (Wallpapers)

Made a few different designs. Had fun making them. ❤️

Flora (Wallpapers)

Sometimes, you need a wall that's realistic. Here's a few of them. Grabbed online and resized them for my iPhone.

Precious Moments Love (Wallpapers)

This is mainly for iPad. I'm not sure if this will have the same resolution for iPhone. I just felt like I neglected her. Hence, I made one for her.

Love the Dots (Wallpapers)

Made this with love. ❤️