Montage de Paris (Wallpapers) (Icons)

A collection of Paris wallpapers made by amazing people. I hope you enjoy the walls. I am loving them. Makes me feel like the dream is about to become a reality. Oh Paris! My Paris! By the way, the walls are textured. I intended it that way.. Wanted to add a little spunk to it. AND...... Because I'm still having that creative vibe, I made icons to match! Yay!!! You'll see a closer look on the icons below. Do note that these are just icons NOT a theme. They are also not bundled, so you gotta bundle them up yourself. These icons would also work on Android. You just gotta tweak & rename them. The icons are mostly those that I use & those that are pretty common. There are way more than 50+ icons! If there is an app that doesn't have a corresponding icon, you can just rename one of the icons that are of no use to you. I don't do tutorials so before you download these icons, make sure you already know what to do with them. Again, I hope you'll enjoy using them. These are made with love! ❤️❤️❤️

Don't forget to use the hashtag #reeseybelle if you use my walls to get your screens featured here on my site. :) 

BE IN THE KNOW. If you wanna be the first to get an update on my walls, kindly enter your email through my subscription box found on the right hand panel of my site. I normally post my walls here first before I post them on my other social media sites.

*NOTE:* To retain the walls in their original image quality and/or resolution, I opted to save them in ZIP Format. For those who don't know how to unzip the file using their iDevice, there are a couple of apps in the AppStore that you guys could download to unzip it. Tag me if you use them on your device. I'd love to see how you mix and match them with your icons. Or even just on your phone (if you're not jailbroken) :)) Kindly read my "About Me" Section for disclaimers.




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