❤️ NOTICE TO ALL - Please Read! ❤️

Hi guys! From here on out, all wallpapers that I will be posting and using are gonna have a screen resolution of 1080x1920. In other words, they are designed to fit the 6 plus, 6S plus, & the 7 plus, or any larger phone that requires a bigger resolution. So for those who have smaller phones, just resize them to perfectly fit your screen. I have been using the 640x1136 resolution for so long a time. But now, since my beloved jailbroken phone broke (literally) and has been acting up AF.. I was given a bigger iPhone by my sweet fiance (who took me by surprise, btw). Thank you, Love! ❤️

NB: I STRONGLY suggest that you install Dropbox first. To retain the walls in their original image quality and/or resolution, I opted to save them inside a folder via Dropbox. Click the "HERE" link and it'll route you to the wallpapers. I highly recommend that instead of doing the long press and then save drill -- You choose the "SAVE TO MY DROPBOX" option instead. That way, you'd be able to get it's true file size. Otherwise, you'll be using a wall with a lower file size and image quality. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want that. Besides, the good thing about it is that you'd be able to save my wallpapers & store them for life. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?! 

Anyway, to recapitulate, all wallpapers below this post would fit smaller phones whilst all wallpapers moving forward will fit larger phones. 

Thank you all for the continued support. I will always try to make wallpapers for you guys when I've got the time. There will be days or weeks or even months of wallpaper-deprivation from me, but I will always come back to make walls for my phone & share them to you all. Besides, it's a hobby of mine. It makes me happy and it makes me feel like I have a creative side (even if in reality I don't). LMAO!

Love you all! 


Reeseybelle ❤️


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