Maligayang Pasko (Wallpapers)

I know we have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving but some countries don’t have one, like the Philippines. After Halloween, we go straight to decorating our houses with Christmas ornaments and such. Others start playing Christmas songs on the first BER month (September). It makes one look forward to Christmas already.. hoping for a huge Christmas bonus, Christmas gifts, Christmas parties, family gatherings, etc. I love the Christmas season! It’s my favorite holiday amongst all holidays! So yeah, please don’t bash me if I’m posting early Christmas wallies. LOL! You may get back to this post if it's way too early for you but this is for the rest who are already looking forward to the Holidays. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my very first wallpapers for the Yuletide season. And.. and.. and what better way to officially open it than by using my favorite color of all time! Weeee!!!! After thanksgiving and for the month of December, all wallpapers that I'll be posting are gonna be Christmas-related or Christmas/Winter-related. I'm just giving you a heads up. Besides, it's just ad rem & seasonable, right?! It's also one of my favorite wallpapers to make. You can def expect lots of wallies from me. Christmas walls FTW! I mean look at this set.. Aren't these just buhyootiful?! I am utterly & insanely in love with these! ❤️ Doesn't it get you excited all the more?! Wishing everybody around the globe an advance Merry Christmas (Maligayang Pasko)! And.... Yes Ma'am, this set is shadow-free. Cheers!

FYI: All Christmas wallpapers will be placed in one Dropbox folder.

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NB: I STRONGLY suggest that you install Dropbox first. To retain the walls in their original image quality and/or resolution, I opted to save them inside a folder via Dropbox. Click the "HERE" link below and it'll route you to the wallpapers. As opposed to doing the long  press and then save drill -- I highly recommend that you choose the "SAVE TO MY DROPBOX" option instead. That way, you'd be able to get it's true file size. Otherwise, you may be using a wall with a lower file size and image quality. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want that. Besides, the good thing about it is that you'd be able to save my wallpapers & store them for life. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?! Tag me if you use them on your device. I'd love to see how you mix and match them with your icons. Or even just on your phone (if you're not jailbroken) :)) Kindly read my "About Me" Section for disclaimers.



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