Posh Pink (Paid Bundle)

Pink & Posh! I wanted to make super minimal wallpapers for a change. Like I’ve said before, sometimes I just want it simple (but still elegant). They are baby pink with an ombre feel to them. This collection is shadow-free too (for non-jailbroken iPhones). You may try downloading my dim-free sets to see if they work on your device. Please see below for more details. Also, kindly check out my helpful tip on how to apply my wallpapers (the shadow-free way). Love y'all & thanks for the support. ❤️

You may purchase this wallpaper set by clicking the "BUY NOW" button below. It will route you to PayPal for payment. Once payment is completed, click "RETURN TO MERCHANT" and VOILA! The wallpaper pack is yours!

Please make sure that you choose the correct PayPal button for your phone type. I highly advise that you try downloading/applying my free wallies first to make sure if they fit/work on your device. You have two other options to get the walls aside from just saving them as is. I do not resend links (after 24 hrs from the date of purchase) - so to be safe, you can either: 1) download the zip file which I strongly recommend (for optimum wallpaper quality) or 2) copy/save the link. I do not do refunds due to the nature of the product unless you’ve purchased the same item by accident. Ergo, kindly READ & UNDERSTAND what I just wrote here. Everything is actually pretty straight forward. LOL! Should you have queries or encounter any issues, you may reach me via the "Contact Me" widget found on the right hand panel of my site or if you're following me on IG, you may send me a DM. PS: The Watermark is not included in the original walls (obvi!). Love you guys! XO! ❤️


iPhone X:


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