Fiori Love (Wallpapers)

It has been a while! Whew! If you really wanna know, I have been busy with other things lately. I haven’t really felt like making wallpapers for my phone as well. Then again, if you really enjoy doing something, there will never be an absolute cessation, right? Yeah, you’ll be unplugging at one point but you will come back at another point in time. If you’ve been following me since day one, you’re already familiar with my “MIA” moments. Lol! That’s why I don’t do those “VIP Walls” subscriptions despite the requests because I just can’t commit. Anyway, I’m not saying that I’ll be back doing walls again, but I’ll prolly pop in from time to time whenever I get that creative nudge. Hope you enjoy these simple but classic wallies. You should know by now that I am OBSESSED with anything floral. I didn’t resize the walls for my iPhone X because I have been using them as-is. Thank you dear friends for the messages that I still get even though I'm inactive. I appreciate the love. Lots of love from me to you! ❤️

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How to Download my wallpapers: LONG PRESS then SAVE. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get their original file size & quality. Kindly read my “About Me” section for disclaimers. Use #reeseybelle for me to see your screenies. 😊



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