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I've always loved writing. During the pre-historic era, when blogging wasn't the dernier cri, I've kept a few journals and the like just to diffuse whatever's on my mind. Whenever I write, I learn at the same time. It's weird, yes. But it liberates me, all the time.. all the time. Nowadays, the regime of the world-wide-web, makes writing, or blogging to be exact, more puissant because we now have the power to reach out to others and share our thoughts (at least those that we wanna share). Albeit sometimes, I kinda miss those that are written in hand and ink. I miss my stationeries and stickers and those metallic colored pens. Some things are still best written the old fashioned way (not too old, rather). I shall end this intro with an absolutely sublime quote from Anais Nin:

The latest post is always on top. For the rest, I get that you already know the drill. :))

This is just gonna be quick and short. In the past couple of days, I've witnessed how even a friend, so dear, could persuasively lie to you without shame or guilt. I mean, I would understand if they weren't that close to you or what not. But if they were, why???

It's not really the lie that exasperates me, but the insult to my intellectual capacity that I find flat-out offensive. I mean, c'mmon.. If you knew me that well.. Make sure that your stories/alibis are credible okay? It could be, that I tend to just keep my mouth shut but it doesn't the hell mean that you got me to believe you. Nuh-uh!

It's sad though, how a friend could do that to a friend when the former is drowning because of his own doing. It's really sad.

Then again, as the typography shows: "The worst part of being lied to is knowing that to that person, you weren't worth the truth." People lie. Everybody lies. I have lied. But man, some things need not be lied about esp. when it won't hurt the person. It might make him angry, but it won't lessen your character as a person.

The last time I checked, I heard you say: "Just don't lie. Tell it straight to my face. I'd prefer it." (Or something like that) Funny how people don't walk their talk.

Take note: Not all criticisms are destructive. It's you're character that would truly define which is which. So learn to draw the line. A statement is only cataclysmal, if it is a direct blow to who you are as a person. So there's really noooo need to be angry or bitter. 

A lot of people said you've changed. But I didn't believe them. I know who you truly are. But maybe because life is a struggle and things become static, people change. I hope your "core" didn't. Because I don't wanna agree with them. And it could be that you might say, you don't care. But reacting the way you reacted just means one thing: It mattered.

That's my public statement. But here's my real statement:

You can't ruin someone's business by merely giving an opinion that this would be a better idea or that might be more viable, inter alia. How could that be ruining a business? I think ruining a business would mean directly attacking the product or the item that the seller has made. I think that is fatal. But mere suggestions are supposed to be welcome if you are an "online seller". Understanding a seller's perspective is out of the question because as consumers, it's an automatic impulse that they do advertising and all that stuff. However, spamming too much of other items not directly made by the seller is a bit annoying to see. Especially when you're not interested. Thus, as a buyer, you choose to unfollow the spamming seller not because you hate her ads or her products but because you just don't wanna see too much spam. Promoting products is a given. Do it thrice or twice a day, every 2 hours at the most. Advertising products your followers didn't follow you for, to begin with, is a different story. It's just my opinion. So don't nag me that I have no idea of how online selling works because I did a little bit of it myself. And mind you it was doing good. Personal reasons made me stop what I love doing. The rule that I know is this:

Before you become a seller, your main concern is the BUYER.

Then again, it makes me laugh how such a trivial thing could make someone so much angry. What for? Is it a matter of life and death? Hate me forever? Really???

Going back to the second paragraph, nah. I'd rather not talk about it.

I leave you with something that a seller should always remember:


First up, a blog that I wrote for a friend. I've posted a few excerpts of this on Instagram. Hope to have shed some light. :)

This is something that I never thought I'd write about at this point in my life. For one, it's too highschoolish. Second, it's reaaaaalllyy way too highschoolish, more so gradeschoolish. I mean, way back in highschool, we have certain pacts or what not that we make with our friends, like hang out every Saturday or whatever. As we grow, which is actually dependent on one's frame of mind, we begin to have other priorities. But that doesn't mean we've forgotten. It's just that, things become different. And some things, whether we like it or not, can't and will never remain the same.

FRIEND. Noun. : a person who you like and enjoy being with
: a person who helps or supports someone or something

That's how dear Merriam defines it. But in reality though, how do you define a FRIEND or FRIENDSHIP for that matter? Is it defined by constant togetherness? Do you become a bad friend if you aren't there when they ask you to hang out with them? Do you become a perfidious friend if you found new friends along the way, in this inevitable journey called LIFE? In the alternative, are you a great friend if you're always present in every outing? Do you become the bestest of friend if you're always there without missing even every single breath that your friend takes? Do you become a forever friend if you are able to accompany your friend anywhere they wanna be? Do you become a perfect friend if you always yield to what they want you to do? Consequently, it makes me curious: Does "Time" go hand in hand with Friendship? Yes?

I dissent.

In my world, friendship, as I see it, is a meeting of two souls. It surpasses longevity. It goes beyond the confines of togetherness. That even if you do not see your friend as often as you used to or as much as you'd want to, you trust that the strength of your bond remains untarnished by Time. Because there is faith. Because there is love. You do not think for your friend but you allow your friend to make his own choices in life. You allow your friend to grow on his own because there are times that he needs to see life as it is and not as you want it to be. That even if you have your own opinions about something, you tell that to your friend but you don't impose it. You do this because there is respect. You do this because you are a friend.

I don't see friendship as real or fake because all friendships are true. If it isn't real then there's no friendship at all. I laugh at people telling me fake friends are like this whilst true friends are like that.. Damn it, right? You don't call fake people "friends" for the love of God.

Deviating from the superficial, I'd rather have a friend who isn't there most of the time but in his heart he wishes me well, prays for my well-being and be the first one to clap in my triumphs. It doesn't matter if he's with me all the time. I don't need people who are always, physically, there for me but when things happen opposite of what they want me to do, they begin to define or criticize me. Lecturing me of what kind of a friend I am. Counting the things that they have done for me. Saying I wasn't there when they needed me. Itemizing the times when they were able to sacrifice this and that in the name of "Friendship" hence why couldn't I do the same mumbo jumbo kind of crap. Telling me how I've changed since I've met this or that. Comparing this to that. Bullcrap! All bull! I don't see the sincerity. I don't see the love. The moment you enumerated those things to me, you defined who you are at the most. For one, we don't live the same lives so that explains the difference. Second, life is not static. Hence, changes are necessary. It doesn't mean that the core changed. The habit maybe. Say for example, my friend has his own family and he isn't there all the time because he has other priorities every now and then. And what, that becomes practically understandable? Yes? Because he has a family already, right? But what if my other friend, who doesn't have a family of his own also can't be there most of the time, does it make him a lesser friend than the former? Then you'll say, but the scenario is different! Different my ass. The facts are slightly nonidentical but the thought is the same. It's about "making time for a friend" right? Hmmm. Maybe you're not that open-minded. As my friend always tells me: "It's double-standard!". Or let me put it this way, what if You can't make it most of the time, and your friends would start turning their back on you, just because they don't get to spend time with you. What would you feel? Oh wait, you're excused right? They'd understand, correct? Because luckily, some of your friends are not like you. At the back of your mind, you might be saying, I don't want all of your time, just a moment of it or maybe you'd say, "I have other friends but I chose to be with you. Why couldn't you squeeze in even just a moment of your time?". Well, I would say, "Thank you!" but what if I really can't make it? "Maybe some other time or let's set a different date".. and then you'd see a photo of me with some other friends having fun. It's awful right? It sucks. But there are reasons behind the choices that people make. Sometimes, we don't even know the reasons yet and we react like hell went loose and all.

People. They tell you you've changed if you've stopped living your life their way or the way they're used to. I'd rather have a friend that, I know, even if we don't see each other that often, our souls talk. Our souls concatenate. That by the time we see each other again, it seems like we just saw each other yesterday.. And laugh over things and memories that we've talked about over and over again without getting tired of it. We don't NEED friends because they are not material things. We HAVE friends because they are God's gift to us. Ergo, we don't demand and try to control them as if we own them. Otherwise it becomes an obligation and friendship isn't like that. We HAVE friends because of this correlative feeling that we DESERVE each of the other and not because we are REQUIRED to be together.

A friend doesn't get swayed by the dishevelment of the wind. A friend stands on firm and fair ground. A friend stands still.. unshaken. A friend listens to his heart not to the charivari of the mad. A friend knows better. A friend is a friend. Period.

I feel so blessed having friends in my life. I have a bestfriend that I haven't seen since almost forever but when we see each other it's seems like we've just seen each other the other day. We both aren't insecure if we find new friends in the interim because we know what and who we are to each other. In fact, it's nice to know that my bestfriend has other friends that she can spend her time with. Like I said, friends are God's blessings. We both understand that, if it's a NO, it's a NO, absent thorough explanation because there is no need to, in the first place. I wasn't there on her wedding day, it was sad, but did our friendship end? When I feel all alone here in the Metro and I miss my family and my bestfriend and she couldn't be here, did I despise her for being absent? Even at those times when I needed her the most and vice versa? No. We rarely talk. We don't demand time because friendship isn't about time and constant togetherness. Friendship simply is. Same goes to my girlfriend who I love dearly, and the rest of my beloved friends. You know who you are. I'm sooo sooo thankful that I have you in my life. I feel blessed that we see friendship eye to eye. Soul to soul.

And I shall quote Joseph Roux:

"What is love? two souls and one flesh; friendship? two bodies and one soul."

For me, this is the quintessential meaning of FRIENDSHIP.

The need for constant togetherness? Maybe in another planet or in another unknown galaxy but NEVER in this lifetime or the next. Yes, we get lonely sometimes, and if our friends aren't there to cheer us up, it doesn't mean that they don't share our sorrows.. even from afar. There will be moments that we would want a warm hug and their presence. And if they can't make it, we'll be sad. We may be disappointed at one point. But one fact will remain, your FRIENDSHIP will shine through despite and inspite of it all. It's not supposed to cease.

There's no reason to be jealous nor selfish. Because if you are that kind of friend, you'd know your place. You are secure. There is trust. If you don't feel that way, a self-assessment may come in handy. Or maybe, you just don't deserve each other.

Never ever mistake forgetting and absence as one and the same. Never ever mistake presence and loyalty as one and the same either.

We don't lose friends because of the scarcity of time that our friend could give us. We lose friends because of betrayal or abandonment perhaps, or maybe through some other well-grounded factors. Well for me betrayal is grave. Then again, getting rid of someone who isn't constantly there when we need them is gradeschool. If that's how you define friendship.. What does that make of you? Would you even want to befriend yourself?Everybody I know said the same thing and reacted the same way as I did. Especially when that person never failed to keep in touch. I don't know why you don't see it like that. I don't see the need to drown something that could float. Or well yeah, maybe, there are just some things that aren't worth saving, considering how shallow the water is. 

This isn't for me. I feel blessed that I don't have these kind of people in my life. I wrote this for a friend. And I remember one time she asked me: "Am I a bad friend?" And I will say this in fine print: "The only mistake you did is you allowed people to treat you like you don't know any better. Well, undoubtedly, the dim-witted, would treat you like that. You have a life, live it. Your friends will stay. Regardless."


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