Glam Violet (Wallpapers)

Going down memory lane. I've used the walls of this theme over and over again so I made my own version. I haven't used it for quite a while. I miss the old jailbreak. Now all I can use are the icons and the fallback folders. 😒 Then again, I find no reason not to use the old themes. It's just a matter of changing the walls, just to have a different feel.

To save the image in it's original resolution, do a long press, a pop up menu will appear, choose OPEN IN NEW PAGE. Then long press again and choose SAVE IMAGE. Tag me if you use them on your device. I'd love to see how you mix and match them with your icons. Or even just on your phone (if you're not jailbroken) :)) Kindly read my "About Me" Section for disclaimers.


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